Google Store Lists LG Nexus 5X as Shipping October 22nd


As is the case every year that Google announces new Nexus hardware, the rush is on to be one of the first to get the new device, and this year Nexus fans have had two shiny, new smartphones to fight over. LG returns with the Nexus 5X, a follow-up to their original Nexus 5 from back in 2013 and Huawei joins the elusive Nexus club for the first time with the Nexus 6P. For a lot of Nexus fans, the Nexus 5X will be the one to buy, mostly down to its more affordable price tag, and presumably LG's track record with two previous successful Nexus devices under their belt. The two of them went up for pre-order pretty much as soon as they were officially announced by Google, and we now know exactly when the Nexus 5X will start making its way to customers.

As PhoneArena is reporting, the Google Store has updated their listing for the Nexus 5X with the all-important shipping date for the new phone. Currently listed as leaving the warehouse by October 22nd, it looks like the smaller of the two Nexus devices is going to launch as we thought it would, towards the middle of October. Given previous shipping times for previous Nexus devices, it stands to reason that some should start to see their new Nexus 5X over the weekend, but Monday the 26th would be a safer date to listen out for the delivery truck.


The Nexus 5X was launched alongside Android 6.0 Marshmallow and those that have been looking forward to fingerprint authentication in stock Android will be happy to know the Nexus 5X has a dedicated sensor on the rear. Plus, the Snapdragon 808 and 2GB of RAM should offer even the most demanding of users at least some sort of solid performance throughout the day. Battery life remains the one area that still leaves us hanging, as there's just a 2,500 mAh on the inside of this latest Nexus, which is not a huge amount. Of course, Google have promised big improvements in Marshmallow where battery is concerned, so this could be a surprise for a lot of users.

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