Google is Replacing Nexus 5Xs with Yellow Hue

Google released two Nexus devices this year - the Huawei Nexus 6P, the higher end of the two, and the LG Nexus 5X, the more mid-range version.  This is the third ride at the Nexus rodeo for LG...always liked for its Nexus devices and the Nexus 5X is no exception.  However, since it was released four days ago, some users are finding their Nexus 5X has a yellowish hue to the display.  There have been numerous complaints on Reddit and many have posted pictures of their displays, which you can see in our Gallery below.  There is no doubt about that yellowish hue they are talking about, as it is quite evident in the submitted photos.  There is also some good news on the Reddit site - Google seems willing to replace the yellowish hued devices for a new one without too many hassles.

There is nothing like the excitement of getting a new smartphone, and there is nothing quite like the emptiness when you find out that shiny new device has a flaw.  The first thing you wonder is 'why you,' and then you get online to see if others were dealt the same fate.  At least in this case, Google is being made aware of the problem and seems to be willing to correct the situation by replacing your device.  One user reported, "I just got done with Google's customer support and they are shipping me a new one to see if it's actually an issue.  I will update once I receive the new device."

Others claim that different reps tell them different stories.  One customer said, "They all say different things depending on whom you speak with.  They just make it up.  The rep I had to talk to had to keep going and asking his supervisor about it.  According to him this was the FIRST time ever someone complained about the yellow (which I know isn't true because people on this thread called before me)."  Another customer posted, "Just chatted with Google customer support too, and they said the 5X is just "more yellow".  I have 15 days to decide if I want to just return the phone for a refund."

The users on Reddit are trying to determine if the yellowish hued devices shipped from one particular warehouse, but that does not seem to be the case.  Hopefully you will receive a Nexus 5X with a pure white background, but if you do not, then make sure you give Google a holler so this problem can be corrected before other buyers are affected.

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