Google Mentions “Music Gifts” In Play Store Help Section

October 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google recently made some changes to Play Music Unlimited last month by introducing a price for a family plan set at a $15 a monthly fee, but now it seems Google may be ready or at least preparing to introduce a change to Play Music in another way; Through potential gifting of songs, albums, or Play Music subscriptions. While Google has made it easy to gift people Play Store credits through physical gift cards that you can find virtually anywhere these days, there isn’t really a digital way to gift anything like games, movies, apps, or books, let alone music. Should they be working towards a possible method to gift people music through the Play Store, it could signify a possible coming of the ability to gift other digital items as well.

If you head over to the support page for Google Play Help then navigate to “Google Play gift cards, promotional codes & balance” under the purchasing and downloading section, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to find a new reference to something Google is calling Music Gifts. While there is no way to actually gift people any music other than through physical gift cards for Play Store credit at the moment, Google does list in the reference on the support page that “currently available countries” are the U.S., UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, and France, so when and if Google unleashes a way for users to gift music any time in the near future these are presumably the regions in which it will be available first.

While this is only referencing music, as stated above this could be evidence that Google is looking for a way to allow users to gift other digital content, which is something you can already do on iOS. Granted, you can’t actually send apps as gifts but you can send anyone in your region digital iTunes gift card, so maybe Google is looking to implement something similar with the Play Store. Whether it will end up as something just for music or not is also still unclear, but hopefully there will be more details coming to light on the subject in the near future.

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