Google Keep Receives Note Drawing Mode In Latest Update

If you use Google Keep for saving notes and little reminders, you've likely noticed the gradual improvements Google has made to it over the years since it's been out, and the most recent update is going to include a new which some may find fairly useful, or simply fun to use. The capability to draw notes. At the moment this update is not live in the Play Store, at least not for most people, however you can download the apk from this link if you're wanting to get a head start on using it right away. Having said that, it likely won't be very long before Google pushes the update out to users so you could optionally wait as well.

While drawing a note may not be the most detailed or informative fi you need to input a bunch of information, it can be a little quicker and a little more fun if you just need to make a note or reminder to do a simple task or pick something up. There are three different types of pen tips to use each with their own color including blue, red, and yellow, however if you swipe up from the tips a small tool menu is revealed with extra options for more colors as well as varying sizes. Ther's also an eraser just in case you happened to mess something up and need to go back a step, which is possible just by selecting the eraser button and tapping on the part you want to erase.

There will be a brand new marker icon inside of Google Keep after users update to the newest version of the app, and the drawing function is also accessible from the widgets as well so you won't have to open up the app to get it. There is also a selection tool available next to the eraser if you want to select a a whole portion of your drawn note and move it to a new location on the screen. It's a simple yet still functional and easy to use option as opposed to writing or speaking your notes.

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