Google Finally Launches Universal App Campaigns for Google Play

Google Play Store AH 1 2

Earlier this year, during the Summer, Google used their Google I/O Developer Conference to unveil new tools that would be heading to Google Play to make things easier for developers. Announced as Universal App Campaigns, the feature has finally launched and is now available for developers to better advertize their apps and games, while at the same time getting better access to more detailed metrics and advice on what to try next.  Universal App Campaigns is just one, admittedly very useful and appealing, piece of the puzzle as a whole lot has been added to the Google Play Developer Console just recently.

Now, using the Developer Console, users will be able to get information on how many people installed the app from the Play Store listing, how many of them went on to actually purchase something and how many of them are repeat buyers. This info is now available in the new User Performance Report section of the Developer Console. The exciting introduction here however, is that Universal App Campaigns are finally available. These allow developers to tell Google how much they want to pay per install of their app or game, and then Google will take care of the hard work. This includes ads in Google Search, on YouTube and of course throughout the entire AdMob network, including Google Play itself. This gives the control over to Google, as everything is automated by them, but they promise to find which advertising works best for your app. You can of course use the Developer Console to track all of this as well, and you can opt-in or opt-out whenever you like.

The Google Play Store has quickly become a big part of Google’s revenue online, and it only makes sense that they’re looking to make more through advertizing, as it is Google’s bread and butter earner. For developers, this sort of thing should be welcome news, as it allows them to experiment with paid advertizing directly from Google, and while not every campaign will be all that successful, we’re willing to bet Google know a thing or two about app advertizing by now.