Google Dubs LG the "Best Partner" for Nexus Smartphones


When Google changed their approach to the Nexus line of devices with the Nexus 6, tapping Motorola to provide premium hardware, many Nexus fans were unhappy. The previous device from LG, the original Nexus 5 was not only excellent value, but a fan favorite. Well, it would appear that it's not just Nexus fans that are happy that LG has returned to the Nexus fold, but Google themselves. As reported by Korea Times, Google feels that LG is "the best" partner for them to create Nexus smartphones because they have a similar approach to each other.

The fact that LG and Google have a good partnership is hardly breaking news, ever since the original Nexus 4, LG have been offering hardware for Google to promote new platforms with, like the original G Watch, and the subsequent Watch Urbane. Plus, the company is more than happy to make it known that Android is what makes their G-series line of flagships so powerful, unlike other Korean manufacturers. Korea Times is reporting that, during a 'video press conference' Android's Vice President of Engineering, Dave Burke, said that "LG Electronics is the best partner for us in engineering the Nexus smartphones". He then went on to say that the Android team "really like to work with the people at LG Electronics. Together they have become an excellent team" and that both Google and LG "share the same approach to the mobile device market".


Whether or not Dave was misquoted by Korea Times, or that he was simply trying to carry favor with a room full of Korean journalists is unclear, but it doesn't seem like Google to pick favorites. Having said that, the fact that the two of them enjoy a positive relationship didn't exactly need spelling out, given their track record. We have to wonder what the likes of Samsung, and of course Huawei, have to think about these comments. After all, many consider the Nexus program itself to be a thorn in the side of other manufacturers and for Google to openly admit that they prefer working with LG for their own smartphones could create a very frosty winter ahead.

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