Google Defines Use Of Android 6.0 Fingerprint Sensor Rules

Nexus 5x AH fingerprint 2

Earlier today, the news came through that Google was clearly advising that Doze should be made available to the end-user in an unmodified state. That is, as the company intends for Doze to be made available. Now, this mainly applies to developers or manufacturers who intend on shaping Marshmallow to better represent their particular flavor or style. However, it is always good as the end-use to know these sorts of things as it helps to better understand not just what you are getting, but also why you are getting it. For instance, why is your Doze unmodified from the stock version.

Well, that information came from Google’s guidelines on Android 6.0’s Compatibility Definitions document which has now come to light. As you might expect, Doze, is not the only aspect covered in such a document and now, we are hearing about how Google is approaching the use of its fingerprint technology with Marshmallow. The fingerprint software is something which is always going to be extremely difficult for manufacturers. Presumably, manufacturers and developers will want to customize the feature to best make use of the added security elements with their additional apps and software. However, they will need to abide by Google’s rules and regulations on this if they want to use the Android 6.0 built-in software.

Of course, not all devices from manufacturers will include fingerprint sensors or technology and as a result, the use of the fingerprints software is not an essential for the use of Marshmallow (like Doze was). However, for those that do make use of the tech, the list of the “MUST” aspects is quite extensive. For instance, the list includes a number of must elements like “MUST have a false acceptance rate not higher than 0.002%“, which is designed to maintain the level of security on a device. Although, there are a couple of aspects which are not exactly compulsory and instead are “SHOULD” (recommended) elements like “SHOULD use the Android Fingerprint icon provided in the Android Open Source Project“. If you are interested in reading the full list of the dos and don’ts for including a fingerprint scanner on an Android device, then you can by hitting the source link below.