Google Bought A Domain Containing The 26 Alphabet Letters

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It was kind of striking when Google announced a reorganization which ended up in the creation of a bigger company called Alphabet which would be a parent company for Google. This was made so that all of the side projects from Google would be better organized, some of them belonging directly to Alphabet instead of Google. It was last week when Google officially became part of Alphabet and we have been learning some more details about the company. The site alphabet.com was not available by the time the company got created, so they had to create their official website on the domain abc.xyz, which actually fits the company in the sense of not being ordinary while reflecting its name.

Now, there is a report that shows some efforts from the company to complement their identity with additional sites. Apparently they have just bought the domain for the whole alphabet ending in .com, in other words, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com could now be used by Google or Alphabet as an alternative website. The acquisition was spotted on the records from DomainInvesting.com by the site Whois. This site was created in 1999 by a private owner who now sold it to Google, and although it is not specified the exact amount that the company paid for it, it’s safe to assume that it cost a lot more than before the company was created.

A Google representative told Business Insider “We realized we missed a few letters in abc.xyz, so we’re just being thorough”. Some might speculate that this move was in order to prevent other companies like Facebook or Apple from using it, so it might end up not being used. Currently, the web page is not available and perhaps it has been like that for a while. Maybe the company could use it just to forward to the actual Alphabet site as the domain is easy to remember, but it gets quite cumbersome to type. Apparently the 26 consecutive alphabet letters followed by .net, .org, .info, etc. are registered too, so maybe the company would like to buy some of them if the price is right.