GameOn Project Helps You Discover New Games To Play

October 5, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

While there are many games to choose from on the Play Store with more and more coming every single day, sometimes it can be hard to sift through the loads of content to find the games you’re interested in playing. This is where an app like The GameOn Project comes in handy as it attempts to learn from your preferences and “likes” to recommend games to play from hits from top developers to new indie titles. The idea is that the app personalizes the recommendations to what it is you like to play so you not only have the opportunity to find games you’ll possibly enjoy the most, but it also cuts out the work of having to do these searches yourself by browsing through the Play Store lists.

To receive the most effective recommendations GameOn has you rate games that are listed within the app, it then uses those ratings to analyze different game genres and send you recommended titles to check out based on the data. There are multiple categories for game types listed in the app so you can simply pick one out and start scrolling through the lists of games you like, tap the like button and then GameOn will end up recommending games in that genre similar to your likes. You can also browse the news feed section of the app which lists off games that other GameOn users have installed recently and started playing.

If you want details about the game before you hit the like button or leave a rating of your own, each listing can include videos, game screenshots and ratings and reviews from other players so you can find out what others think of the games you’re currently viewing. GameOn lets users be social as well, by allowing them to create profiles where they can talk about their most and least favorite games they’ve played. Overall it seems like a decent application if you want a little bit of assistance in discovering new games to play without the hassle of looking through long lists of games in the Play Store. It also has the added benefit of being able to connect you with other mobile gamers.