Featured: Top 10 Deals from the Past Week – Oct. 17th, 2015


Each and every day, we post some of the best deals in all of tech. Now we all have busy lives, so here are the best deals in tech from the past seven days.

Sony, Beats, Aukey Headphones & More on Sale



There are a number of headphones on sale this week. Including a number from Sony, Beats, Aukey and more. All of them are definitely worth checking out. All of them are from Amazon as well, which means Amazon Prime shipping

DEAL: Sony Beats, Aukey Headphones & More on Sale


Refurbished Toshiba CB35 Chromebook $139.99

Toshiba CB35 Chromebook

Chromebooks are some of the best laptops available, and right now Toshiba's CB35 Chromebook is available at a refurbished rate of $139.99. Not a bad price at all for this Chromebook, and definitely one we'd recommend.


DEAL: Refurbished Toshiba CB35 Chromebook $139.99

MOS Cable Organizer – $12



This cable organizer is pretty legit, and it's available for just $12 which is a pretty great price as well. Of course, you can only find this price for the MOS Cable Organizer from the Android Headlines Deals Store.

DEAL: MOS Cable Organizer – $12

Google Nexus 6 Unlocked, 32GB – $269



Its tough to find a 6-inch smartphone with flagship specs under $300, but we have one here in the Nexus 6. It is a refurbished model, but it's still definitely worth it.

DEAL: Google Nexus 6 Unlocked, 32GB – $269


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 For $569.99


This year's Galaxy Note is only a few years old, but it's already available for $570 off contract. That's over $100 off of the regular no-contract price. So definitely worth a look. Just, don't put the S Pen in backwards, please.


DEAL: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 For $569.99

EC Technology Enhanced Bass+ Bluetooth Speaker $29.99

EC Technology Bluetooth Speaker 02

EC Technology here has a pretty fantastic Bluetooth speaker available, this is their Enhanced Bass+ speaker and it'll only set you back $30, which is a really good price for the amount of speaker you get here.

DEAL: EC Technology Enhanced Bass+ Bluetooth Speaker $29.99

Keedox Bluetooth Sport Earbuds For $23.99


Need some earbuds for when you go to the gym? Try out these Keedox Bluetooth Sport Earbuds that are going for just $24 right now. They are definitely a great choice, with some killer bass.

DEAL: Keedox Bluetooth Sport Earbuds For $23.99

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker For $49.99

Misfit Shine

Summer may be over, at least on our side of the world, but that doesn't mean you can't stay fit. And Misfit Shine's activity tracker is currently available for $50. A great activity tracker for you to check out.

DEAL: Misfit Shine Activity Tracker For $49.99 (link expired and has been removed)

Anker PowerDrive +1 Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger – $6 w/ Code


We could all use an extra car charger or two right? How about one that does Quick Charge 2.0? Why not. Anker has their Quick Charge 2.0 car charger on sale right now for just $6 with a coupon code. Hit the link below for all the details.

DEAL: Anker PowerDrive +1 Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger – $6 w/ Code