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Some of the best games out there are without doubt the classic board games we used to play as kids. They live on in digital form, and alongside some of the classics people have created their own original board games that put a whole new spin on the genre we know as "board games". This list of the Top 10 Board Games for Android should have something for families, those looking for the classics as well as those looking for something new, yet familiar.



One of the absolute classics, Scrabble is best played with families on road trips or long flights, and with pass and play, you can do just that with this option. It is a shame that EA have loaded this with pesky ads, but then what did we expect from them at this point? Otherwise however, it's a good game and does an okay job of delivering an official Scrabble experience to Android smartphones as well as tablets.


Shelter is an Android board game for the Horror fans among us, and it blends cards and board game styles together to create a Zombified survival story. With a love interest and a graphical style that fans of The Walking Dead comics will appreciate, Shelter has a little something for everyone, and it's a fun game for adults looking for a different type of board game.


Many an argument has erupted over a simple game of Monopoly, and nothing is different about this Android version, either. With the classic board game making its way to Android with few changes, as well as the ability to play with three other friends, this is the same game may of us know and love. It might not be for everyone, but there's a lot to love about such a game, and if you've never played it, it's never too late to start.

Chess Free

An absolute classic, Chess is a great game to play on long journeys in peace, with little frustration where controls or rules are concerned. Of course, that only really applies if you already know how to play, if not then you might end up in a tight spot. For older players, and a fun, family classic there's nothing wrong with firing up a good old game of Chess every now and then.

Battleships - Fleet Free

Another classic, Battleships is enjoying something of a revival these days, possibly due to Late Night Show appearances in the US, but either way it's a fun strategy game that gets you thinking. This version has a fun, hand-drawn appearance to it that will remind players of times when we had to draw up out own battlegrounds. You can use this version of Battleships to play online or locally with someone else, too.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a board game that tasks player with complete cross-country train routes, using the Destination cards that they're handed at the start of the game. The longer the route you manage to complete and control, the more points you get. However, opponents can block your routes, and if you do not fulfil destinations on your cards then you will lose points. If you've ever wanted to own all the railways in Monopoly, this will allow you to control the lines themselves.


Backgammon is a family classic, and while it might appear to be fairly basic and dated these days, there's nothing wrong with an old classic. This is a good option if you want something where all the family, old and young, can join in and play to some sort of success. It's not the most exciting board game out there, but it's a good option to avoid complicated rules and such.


Carcassonne is an Android board game we've reviewed here at Android Headlines, and it's one that we enjoyed. A classic tile type of game, this is a medieval strategy game of needing to control all possible land that you can. Playable both online or with four other players locally, this is a good, modern board game that will appeal to a lot of players.

Elder Sign: Omens

Elder Sign: Omens is a classic adventure dice game brought over to Android, and it's a little more adult in its themes, but that's certainly not a bad thing. Exploring a cursed museum sounds nice and easy, but with a more streamlined approach on Android, this is a challenging and appealing game for slightly older players.

Snakes & Ladders King

Rounding out our list is a fun classic for younger players that kids and parents can play together. This version for Android has good-looking graphics and it's one that recreates the fun game on either smartphones or tablets. A family classic, this is great for road trips and the like.

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