Featured: Top 10 Best Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is this Saturday. It's the scariest holiday of the year, and it's time to make your smartphone a bit scary with some Halloween wallpapers. There are some static wallpapers here as well as some live wallpapers available for your enjoyment. Here's our top 10 Halloween wallpaper apps from the Play Store.

Halloween Wallpapers

This Halloween wallpapers app provides HD quality wallpapers, so they will still look great on your smartphone no matter how many pixels there are. Additionally it allows you to save wallpapers to your microSD card, freeing up storage on your smartphone. These are static wallpapers and not live wallpapers.

Spooky Halloween Wallpaper

This app has just a few wallpapers for Halloween, and they do look pretty nice. Again these are HD quality wallpapers, so no matter what device you are using, they'll look great. The app is compatible with most devices, aside from a handful of tablets. The developer also allows you to download and save the wallpapers to your SD card.

Halloween Live Wallpaper

Now we have some live wallpapers for Halloween here. There are two backgrounds available, however you can choose from 9 different night skies as well as a few different animations like a witch flying on a broom. So you are able to customize the type of live wallpaper you have, they do look pretty cool.

Best Halloween Wallpapers

This Halloween Wallpaper app has some cool looking jack-0-lanterns, as part of their collection of Halloween wallpapers. These are all HD quality wallpapers as well. Which will look good on which ever device you are currently using, whether it's a Galaxy Note 5 or a Motorola Moto G.

Halloween Wallpapers

Here's another with a great collection of wallpapers for Halloween. These are also all HD quality and look great, especially on phones with a QHD display like the LG V10. It also allows you to save these wallpapers to your microSD card, of course only if you have one installed. The app is also completely free without any in-app purchases.

Galaxy Halloween Wallpapers

This app has all sorts of screen resolutions supported, including 2160x1920 which is great for 1080p resolution displays, to get the best looking wallpapers possible on your smartphone or tablet. You can also resize them or crop them when setting them as your wallpaper. Additionally, you're able to save these to your device as well.

Halloween Wallpapers 4k

As you could probably tell by the name, the wallpapers in this app do support 4K resolutions. Which means they will work for any Android smartphone available right now. The wallpapers do also support screen rotation. So you can rotate your screen and the wallpaper will as well.

Halloween Wallpapers

Another app full of Halloween Wallpapers here. This one also adds the ability to share wallpapers with friends straight from the app. Something many of the other apps don't do. The app also supports tablets, and allows you to save wallpapers to your microSD card on your smartphone or tablet.

Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper

Here we have another live wallpaper. This one has a scary girl that appears, which when you tap on her there's a scary animation and sound that happens. It's pretty cool. You can choose to adjust those settings if you'd like as well. This app doesn't actually allow you to save the live wallpaper to your SD card, you will need to have the app installed to use the live wallpaper.

Halloween Wallpapers

Here we have a great collection of Halloween wallpapers available for your smartphone or tablet. The app has HD quality wallpapers, and also allows you to save them to your SD card for the future. That also allows you to set it as your lock screen wallpaper (some phones have different wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen).

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