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Foodie is a term that gets thrown around quite a lot in recent times. While most people agree that it simply means someone interested in food, some will argue that it refers to someone who knows about food. Either way and whether you are just interested in food or you are a food connoisseur, then there are a ton of Android apps available to help with your foodie lifestyle. Here are ten Android apps for foodies that you might want to check out.

Food Network In the Kitchen

Kicking off today's list is an app from a company many foodies will already be familiar with. The company is the Food Network and the app is the Food Network in the Kitchen. This one brings you content from most of the chefs associated with the Food Network including videos, recipes and so on.

Food Dictionary

If you are just getting started with a food interest and looking for a quick dictionary that you can refer to, then this is that app. Aptly named Food Dictionary offers quick breakdown of food categories and the foods within each category. Great for a better understanding and quick reference guide of ingredients.


With a name like Food.com, you might be expecting a more all round app? Well, that is exactly what you are getting. This is the official app for the same name website and brings together recipes with creating and managing grocery lists. Great or those who love to organize their meals

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Yummly will be another name you are probably already familiar with and their app offers much of the same features as Food.com, with a ton of recipes to choose from, shopping list creating and managing and just a very well polished app.

SnapDish Food Camera

See those images on the likes of Food.com and Yummly and wish your images looked like that? Well, this is the app to help remedy that situation. SnapDish helps to make your snaps of all your dishes look as good as they can. Great for those who often share dish images on social.

Food Planner

Food Planner is exactly that, a food planner. While some of the apps on this list also do this, they can be a little too polished. If you are looking for a lightweight option which you can just use as a 'normal' planner, then this might be one to check out. Downside is though, UI is not the prettiest.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

OK, no one likes to count calories, but it is a necessary evil and especially for those who are foodies. If you are looking for a new calorie counter which can also make note of what you are eating daily in a journal/diary form, then this is one worth checking out.

Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

Anyone interested in food should be familiar with Eat24. If you are tired of cooking and looking for a quick solution, then Eat24 does provide the answer. In fact, many answers are provided from its wide selection of delivery and takeaway listings.

DIY food ideas

Cooking is one thing, but learning to be creative and knowing the 'tricks of the trade' is quite another. Well, DIY food ideas is exactly that. This is an app which looks to make your everyday food preparation a little more creative. Great for seasonal times of the year or when you have guests coming and would like your food to stand out a little bit more.

Allthecooks Recipes

Closing out the list is another app from another website that many will already be familiar with. Allthecooks really does have one of the widest selection of recipes available and this means this app is a great pocket recipe book to have with you. Recipes here are very well presented, come with videos and a very easy to digest way to follow.

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