Featured: Top 10 Accessories for October 2015


Each month we take a look at about 10 different accessories that can be used with your Android-powered smartphone. Sometimes these accessories are brand new. Sometimes they are a bit older and have only recently been discovered by our team. So having said that, let's take a look at this months' top 10 accessories.

GoPro Hero 4 Session



This is GoPro's latest adventure camera, it's also the smallest one they've ever made. We got a look at this at IFA last month in Berlin and it's quite impressive for its size. It connects with your smartphone and can take great video, as it's a rugged camera you don't need to worry about being gentle with it.

GoPro HERO4 Session

Huawei Watch



This is a great accessory for your smartphone, albeit a pretty expensive one. The Huawei Watch went on sale mid-September and has been one of the most talked about Android Wear smartwatches so far. Starting at $399, it's definitely a looker. Although more people will ask if that's an Apple Watch instead of an Android Wear watch.

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel

Anker PowerCore 20100



Need some extra juice during the day? Anker's newest portable battery pack here, the PowerCore 20100, will definitely help you out. This is a 20,100mAh power bank here, which can charge your device at least 6 times. Sometimes more, depending on how big your phone's battery is. It also comes with their patented PowerIQ Technology.

Anker PowerCore 20100

SOL Republic JAX In-Ear Headphones



These earbuds from SOL Republic are some of my favorites. SOL Republic has the JAX available in many different colors. They also give you some amazing sound as well as featuring an in-line microphone and controls for playing, pausing, skipping tracks and more. The in-line microphone allows you to take phone calls from the JAX with ease.

SOL REPUBLIC 1112-31 JAX In-Ear Headphones

UE Roll 360



This is one of Ultimate Ears latest speakers. It's a very, very small Bluetooth speaker with some really deep base as well as amazing battery life. Around 9 hours of battery life along with 65-feet of Bluetooth range. Pretty amazing for a Bluetooth speaker this small. It is also waterproof and dustproof. Making it great for taking to the beach and such.

UE ROLL 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Soul Transform Superior Active Performance On-Ear Headphones



These headphones from Soul are some of their best offerings. These are on-ear headphones, available in blue, green and red. They are also very lightweight, not to mention sweatproof, so you don't need to worry about ruining them while you're at the gym sweating away, getting in the gains.

Soul Transform Superior Active Performance On-Ear Headphones

Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch



This is the OneTouch Watch from Alcatel. It's a pretty interesting smartwatch here. It's nice and cheap, but looks pretty sporty. It also works with both Android and iOS, similar to Android Wear now. However, since the battery is located in the strap, it means that the strap is not swappable like many of the other smartwatches available today.


Iselector Desktop Charger


Now we've reviewed a number of desktop chargers here on the site already. But this one is a bit different. It has two full sized wall outlets included, as well as 2-2.4A USB ports and 3-1A USB ports included. This is a great addition to any desk, especially for those that have a number of devices that need to be plugged in daily.

Iselector Family-Size Office Desktop 40W 8A 5-Port USB Charger

ZILU (40w 5-Port USB) Multi-Port USB Charger Desktop Hub


This desktop hub from ZILU is a lot like the others we have reviewed on the site. It's a 5-port USB desktop charger, Outputting up to 2.4A per port, or 8A overall. So now you can charge multiple devices with using just one outlet. This is great for when you are traveling. Because we never know how many outlets our hotel room will have, right?

ZILU (40w 5-Port USB Charging Station) Multi-Port USB Charger Desktop Hub

Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini


This is Anker's Astro Mini power bank. It's called "Mini" because it is just 3350mAh. That's enough to top off your phone and help get you through the day. Because it is smaller, it's also lighter weight and can be thrown into your purse or bag and not add a whole lot of weight. That's great for everyday use. It comes out to about the size of lipstick.

Anker 2nd Generation Astro mini 3350mAh