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Being able to keep your mobile devices continually charged while away from home remains to be a constant issue for many. As mobile devices see their battery capacity growing, they also see their components becoming more advanced and as a result, more battery-demanding. This essentially results in their demanding-nature almost counteracting the fact that the battery capacity has increased. That said, for those who often find themselves on the road for longs periods of time or just routinely commuting in the car, the issues of battery life can be an even more prevalent one.

Well, like anything, car chargers are also in a constant state of evolution and for those looking for a more advanced type of car charger, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger is an option that is currently available. In terms of the numbers, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger input capabilities equate to DC 12-24V while the output offers DC 4×2.4A/5V Max. The BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger measures 3.46-inches x 1.77-inches x 0.79-inches and weighs 32.4 grams. We have been testing the charger over the last couple of weeks and here are some quick thoughts on our experience with it.


On first impressions, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger is an attractive looking car charger. It is a sleek looking item and extremely lightweight. Its sleek design is most notable in the body which leads up to the USB ports. This is a much thinner bodied unit than you might find elsewhere which also adds to the portability of the charger, while helping to avoid the charger getting in the way of other items that you might have in or around the charge port area.

Of course, as is evident from the images, this is a 4 port USB charger. As such, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger offers the ability charge up to four devices at the same time. With the overall output capability reaching 9.6 amps, this means that each port is able to pull 2.4 amps per connected device, per port, and at the same time. Depending on what charger you are currently using at home, this is likely to mean that even when charging four devices at the same time, they will likely be pulling more of a charge then when you are charging one device at a time at home.

That said, one of the many issues of charging so many devices from what is essentially one power point, is that some chargers might be prone to overloading or overcharging. Thankfully, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger looks to circumvent this by making use of its Power3S technology. This means that the charger is able to actually detect the devices that are connected, their capabilities in terms of what power they can handle and adjust to ensure that each device only receives the current it should be getting. Not only does this ensure that each of your devices charges at the correct and optimal level, but it means that they do so in a safe way without fear of overloading or overcharging. So if your device should only accept a 1A input, then regardless of the 2.4A output of the BlitZwolf Power S3, your device will only receive the 1A it needs.


In terms of actually using the charger, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger performs extremely well. During testing, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger was able to continuously and effortlessly charge devices which were connected. Devices charged at generally a quick speed with a 3,200 mAh smartphone receiving about a 50-percent charge in one hour. So depending on the size of your smartphone's battery, will determine the length of time it will take to receive a full charge. As a rule of thumb and based on our usage, you could expect a 2,000 mAh battery to be fully recharged in just over an hour. Of course, depending on what your smartphone demands in terms of input power. Either way and regardless of your smartphone battery capacity, a single hour charge, or even a quick thirty minute charge will ensure that your devices remain good to go while you are away from the car. Once you back in and on the road again, it will be sufficient to keep your phone boosted before the next stop off.

Another real benefit of the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger is that it really did not seem to suffer from any heating issues at all during testing. Even when multiple devices were plugged in and all were charging at the same time, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger remained cool enough to not warrant any major concerns. It does warm up slightly, but not particularly more than you would find on other chargers and this tends to be when all devices are plugged in and charging simultaneously. For single or dual usage, there was almost no real heating issues noted. Although, it should be pointed out that during testing, the charger was not tested for massively continuous periods, as it was used in much more of a normal or daily usage manner. As a result and certainly for daily normal usage, this did seem to be quite a reliable charger. To add to its merit, we had two different units here and were able to confirm that both seemed to perform to a consistent and same level without any observable deviations. There were no major discrepancies or inconsistencies between them.

When plugged in to the car, two of the ports do light up with a blue background. While some other chargers use this feature to denote a more powerful port than the others, this did not seem to be the case for the BlitzWolf Power3S. In fact, during testing, there was no notable differences noted between the charging of the four ports. They all seemed to output a relatively equal charge and as such, the lighting seems to be more for easy identification during the night than anything else. However, this in itself proved to be a very useful feature. It is the two center USB ports which illuminate and during periods of night driving, it was extremely easy to see the two blue ports compared to the two unlit outer ports. So you will not have to worry about being too distracted when in the car at night and trying to connect a device.


For those interested, the BlitzWolf Power3S Car Charger is available in two different colors, black and white and both are currently available on Amazon for $11.99. One thing to note though, the BitzWolf Power3S Car Charger does not come with a microUSB lead in the box. So you will need to make sure you bring your own. For those interested, you can currently save an additional 5% off the list price by using coupon code 260b3c.

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