Facebook App Now Includes A New Notification Tab

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Facebook constantly updates its mobile apps with new features and services, some of them include better ways to share media files like photos and videos, others provide more interactions activated by voice and the company is even figuring out a way to implement a “dislike” button. Apparently, people have been requesting to add information and keep up-to-date with their contacts easily and in a centralized hub, so starting today, users will now be able to use a new Notifications tab on the Facebook app. This area provides a personalized experience in a reorganized interface.

Besides reading their notifications and some relevant information, users will be able to customize some aspects like their friend’s milestones such as birthdays and important events, sports scores and TV reminders based on their preferences and liked pages, plus their upcoming events. If users decide to enable location services, the app can get even be more personal providing more information based on the Location History. This information includes things that are happening around users like local events and some relevant news for that region. They will also get some weather information like the current conditions and weather alerts for severe conditions. On the entertainment side, they will get movies playing near them and they will also get recommendations on places to eat or drink based on their Facebook pages and reviews.

The notification settings selected by users will be kept after the update and they can review and change some of them in the Settings menu. The arrow on the right side of each card will be used to customize the displayed information and at the bottom they can add more cards. This feature looks like Google Now, but it seems like users will have more control over the information displayed in the cards. The update will be available for Android and iOS versions of the Facebook app, but it might take a while before it reaches all devices, as it is gradually rolling out. The first users to get the update will be in the U.S., with no details provided on Facebook users in other regions.