Eric Schmidt Says We’ll See A Lot More Alphabet Subsidiaries

October 14, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

As you probably all know by now, Google is now actually an Alphabet Inc.’s subsidiary. Google has announced a while back that they’re opening a new ‘Alphabet’ company which has been announced as part of Google’s method to improve organization and efficiency. We’ve already talked about Alphabet many times before, but new content keeps on coming. Google’s long time chairman, Eric Schmidt, has decided to talk more about the newly formed company. He actually attended the Virtuous Circle conference where he talked about the new company, amongst other things. Let’s see what he had to say, shall we.

“I wake up, and I’m the chairman of Alphabet. We sort of announced it without actually knowing which companies it would be. So we’re still working the details,” said Eric Schmidt on Tuesday during the Virtuous Circle conference in Menlo Park. Mr. Schmidt has actually talked about quite a few things during the conference, including privacy. He said that he’s ‘very worried’ about recent data privacy issues in Europe which assign digital regulations to individual countries. He basically said that this creates ‘per-country Internets’, and that goes against ‘The internet’ itself. Internet is supposed to be a global things, available for everyone everywhere. He actually said that he’s afraid ‘we’ll lose one of the greatest achievements in history’.

What’s most interesting here, is the fact that Schmidt more or less confirmed that there are many more Alphabet subsidiaries on the way. Mr. Schmidt said the following: ”I’ve been meeting with the current CEOs of the Alphabet companies and the proposed ones. So you’ll see a lot coming”. Eric Schmidt did not talk in detail about those subsidiaries, but he did talk about Google’s self-driving initiative for a second, basically praising the company’s efforts. All in all, Eric Schmidt find all this very exciting, and cannot wait to see what happens next, that’s at least what we were able to gather from his statements. Google is actually facing quite a few antitrust cases all over the world, and next year will be rather interesting for the company, for many reasons. Anyhow, stay tuned for more Alphabet info, we’ll report back as soon as something new pops up.