DEAL: VoCore: Mini Linux Computer – $39

October 15, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The VoCore is a mini computer board, sort of like the Raspberry Pi. The VoCore is pretty tiny and affordable. It’s a mini Linux machine, which you can turn into a router, or even create a brand new device. Because it is so small, it gives you plenty of options of what you can do with it. Including making it a standalone device. The VoCore Mini Linux Computer works on open-source hardware, it also provides up to 20 GPIO lines, Runes OpenWRT Linux, includes an on-board WiFi adapter so you don’t need an external one, it also easily connects to peripheral devices, with it’s small size allowing it to act as an embedded system. The VoCore can also extend ethernet and USB interfaces with the Dock, operate as a fully functional 2.4GHz WiFi Router and much, much more.

VoCore is a great mini Linux Computer that will allow you to build all kinds of things, and you can pick it up right now for just $39. Normally this thing would cost you around $45, so that’s about 13% off but that’s still 13% off. You can pick it up now from the Android Headlines Deals Store. But you’d better hurry as the sale ends in 6 days.