DEAL: Monster Digital Super Speed Flash Drives – $25

October 26, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Looking for a couple of USB flash drives? Well how about a 32GB and a 64GB flash drive from Monster Digital? That’s right you can pick up a 32GB flash drive and a 64GB flash drive right now from Monster Digital for just $25. These two flash drives boast a 80MB/s write speed, as well as USB OTG which means you can easily plug them into your smartphone and expand the storage on your smartphone with ease. It also features advanced error correction to protect your data and give you peace of mind. Additionally, it’s compatible with Android, Windows, and OS X. So it’ll be compatible with most of your devices, if not all of them. Monster Digital also has streaming functionality, so you are able to stream movies straight from the flash drive, which is a pretty awesome feature, and one that most of us would use quite often.

Monster Digital’s 2-pack (32GB and a 64GB) flash drives are on sale right now through the Android Headlines Deals Store for just $24.99. The normal price is $85, so that’s quite the deal right there, around 70% off. However this deal only lasts through today, October 26th. So if you’re looking to pick this up, you’d better do so before the deal is over.