DEAL: iBlazr 2 Flash Bundle – $56

October 2, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The most common use for our cameras on our smartphones, is to take selfies. Companies have figured this out, and this is why we’re getting better front-facing cameras as well as gestures to do to take a selfie. While their names for these selfie pictures aren’t that great, the features are usually pretty useful. But now we have this Flash bundle from iBlazr. They say this is the most advanced LED flash available. It’s small and also wireless. The flash allows you to take great pictures with your front facing camera even in low-light conditions. iBlazr quickly snaps onto your smartphone, tablet and even a DSLR. It can be used to illuminate your pictures. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking. It will illuminate a large surface area with about a 75-degree beam angle. It also comes with an app that works with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The iBlazr 2 Flash bundle is available now on the Android Headlines Deals Store for just $55.99. That’s about 30% off of its normal price of $80. If you are one that takes a lot of selfies or just needs that extra light to take pictures in the dark, this is definitely a great product to pick up.