Deal: Cord2Go – $9.99

October 16, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Often times we need to plug in our smartphone or tablet to our laptop or desktop to do things like, unlock the boot loader, or flash a factory image. But now instead of having these super long cables hanging all over your desk from your USB port to your phone, you can use Cord2Go. The cable comes in both lightning and microUSB, so no matter which device platform you are on, you’re covered. Just pull the USB end out and plug it in, and also pull out the microUSB end and plug it into your smartphone and you’re all set. This keeps the cables in line, and you don’t need to worry about them getting tangled up. Cord2Go will also charge your devices quickly, however there is no Quick Charge 2.0 here from Qualcomm. It also has a nice carabiner so it can attach to literally anything. It will also work with car chargers USB chargers, Wall chargers and more. This isn’t just for data transfer from your laptop.

Right now, the Cord2Go is available from the Android Headlines Deals Store or just $9.99. The normal cost of this is around $36, so it’s definitely a great deal on the Cord2Go, and you can pick it up today.