Deal: Aukey 4-Port USB Car Charger $7.99

October 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Keeping your smartwatch, smartphone, tablet or otherwise powered, has become a necessary evil in this day and age. As devices gain in battery capacity they seem to gain as much in their ability to drain out that increased power and therefore, keeping your device good-to-go has never been more important. Especially for those who are more on-the-road. With that in mind, making sure you have a real good car charger, can be the difference between full batteries and non-functional devices.

The Aukey 4-Port USB Car Charger is an ideal solution for those looking for a way to keep their devices powered while in the car. This one comes with a total 9.6-amps / 48-watts of power and makes use of AIPower technology inside. This essentially means the charger is a ‘smart’ charger and is able to intelligently adapt to your particular device’s needs. If one device needs to receive a greater level of charge than another, AIPower will be able to determine this and supply the needed charge accordingly. Not to mention, as this is a 4-port charger, you can charge multiple devices at the same time with ease. This charge does come with a $39.99 list value although it is currently available on Amazon for only $7.99. For that price and for a multi-port charger, this is a great solution to go for.

Buy the Aukey 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB Car Charger for $7.99