Cyanogen: We’re Still Cooperating With YU, Rumors Are Wrong

October 8, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

YU has become quite popular in India in a very short time. This company has been founded at the end of 2014, and is less than a year old at this point. It is worth mentioning that YU is owned by Micromax, and that they’ve released four devices thus far, while the company’s CEO has already confirmed that the fifth one is on its way. Now, most of YU’s devices have launched with Cyanogen OS pre-installed, except for the last one, the YU Yunique. Everything seemed to be in order until YU started re-releasing some of its devices with stock Android pre-installed, which led us to believe that their relationship with Cyanogen is deteriorating. Well, Cyanogen decided to address this issue and remove all doubt, read on.

The company said the following: ”We have a great partnership with YU, and happy to announce that Cyanogen OS 12.1 will be powering YU’s upcoming flagship – Yutopia. We’ll also be rolling out the latest 12.1 update to Yureka / Yureka Plus very soon. It doesn’t always makes sense for us to support every device in a partner’s portfolio, and there are one-off model variations. We want to put the unfounded rumors to rest”. So, it seems like Cyanogen and YU will continue to be partners, but not every YU-branded device will ship with Cyanogen OS pre-installed, like it was the case until recently. The YU Yunique launched with stock Android pre-installed, though users who want to get Cyanogen OS on it can do that with help from YU’s service centre.

As already mentioned, YU’s CEO has already confirmed that the YU Yutopia is on its way, and that it’s going to be a high-end device. YU has released a number of phones, but all of them were either entry-level or mid-range, so this is certainly something new. We’ve already seen leaked specs of this device, and it seems like it might be a really solid offering by the company. Cyanogen has already confirmed that Cyanogen OS will come pre-installed on YU Yutopia, which are certainly good news for those of you who like to tweak and appreciate Cyanogen’s Android-based operating system.