Custom Quick Settings Out For Devices Running Marshmallow

One of Android's greatest strengths is how adaptable and customizable the operating system is. Whereas some platforms believe that customizable means giving the customer a choice of ringtones, wallpapers and physical case on the device, in the case of Android, the operating system source code may be downloaded and modified as much as one likes. This has resulted in an entire cottage industry springing up offering customized versions of the Android software, designed and updated by developers large and small. Other companies have taken Android and modified it to suit their particular needs, such as Amazon with Fire OS. However, not all customers wish to modify the software on their device, install custom ROMs or even root the device to allow much greater access to the file system. For these customers, there is still a raft of potential changes that may quickly and easily be implemented into Android and that list has increased today with the launch of a new application, Custom Quick Settings, by Reddit user and application developer, Quinny898.

Custom Quick Settings is an application that customizes and modifies the quick settings that appear with a two finger swipe down from the top of the screen. This is the first time that the ability to modify the quick settings menu has been achieved without rooting or installing a custom version of the software onto the device. It's been achieved for devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow via the "Broadcast Tile" option, which is not an especially well documented feature of the platform. Custom Quick Settings allows users to build their own buttons for the operating system, but currently options are limited to include launching an application or web site, creating custom toggles for existing options in the operating system including changing the behaviour for a quick tap as well as a long hold. Quinny898 has included over 1,200 icons in the application, which is also free to download.

The developer is also keen to let users know that the application is still under development and it sounds like he has big plans, including adding options for rooted devices including a reboot, mobile data toggle and similar. If you are interesting in trying the application and you have a device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, hit up the link below.

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