Chrome Dev Channel Adds ‘Offline Pages’ Feature

October 6, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Every so often Google will post updates to their most used apps, which sometimes brings about incremental changes and other times they’re significantly monumental. One of the apps Google makes changes and updates to constantly is the Android version of Chrome, although not always through the stable release version of the app. First Google usually pushes things through the Dev channel, then to the beta app, and finally the stable release version as a standard feature as the stable version is what comes pre-installed on many Android devices out of the box. In the most recent update to the Dev channel of the Chrome for Android app, Google is adding in the ability to save pages for offline viewing.

Keep in mind that this isn’t yet something you’ll see available in the standard Chrome app which is likely already existing on your device, so if you go looking for the option you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. The good news is that this signifies thew possibility it could be implemented into the regular stable version of the app in the near future. How close that time may be is unclear as it’s not even official it’ll make it out of the Dev channel. Nevertheless, it’s something to look forward to.

This could be a huge feature for plenty of users simply for the fact that all too often, more than a few of us probably encounter areas where have no data connection. If it doesn’t happen often, it surely happens at least somewhat and it’s usually these times when internet access is wanted or needed the most. With the option for saving pages for offline mode, no internet is no longer a problem. Once you enable this option, you’ll be able to access it from the menu any time you come across a page you think you might need to save for offline later on. To enable this particular feature along with the new enhanced bookmarks feature that’s available in the Dev channel as well, simply type in chrome://flags in the address bar once you’ve opened up the Chrome for Android app, and then find the options for enhanced bookmarks and offline pages, enable these and they should be available the next time you open the app after a close out.