Check Out The Official Videos Ads For The LG V10/Watch Urbane 2

LG V10 Event 1

LG held their event in New York today to show off a brand new phone, the LG V10, and briefly talk about their upcoming smartwatch the LG Watch Urbane 2. While the Watch Urbane 2 has some interesting features like being the first Android Wear device with cell capabilities, the event was mainly focused on the V10 smartphone. LG is gearing this device towards those that are not only looking for a great smartphone experience with some powerful specifications, but more specifically towards the users who want enhanced multimedia functionality like multiview recording, multiple options for video edits such as wind noise filter and the ability to shoot video in up to 4K (UHD).

As with most events for any new device, LG has thrown out a couple of videos highlighting specific features and functions of the LG V10 as well as the Watch Urbane 2 which you can check out down below. You can also view the teaser video LG posted earlier this month announcing their event from this morning which teases the LG V10’s secondary display used for alerting people to things like the date, weather, and time when the main screen is asleep, or for launching apps from shortcuts when the main screen is awake.

LG states they designed the V10 with creativity in mind, giving it advanced video editing features which they state allows users to make some truly amazing video creations. They also designed it to be functional and durable, with the always-on secondary screen providing users with additional ways to interact with the device, and the dura guard/dura skin and stainless steel materials that can protect the phone from dings and scratches. So far there are no announcement details like pricing or availability for the LG Watch Urbane 2, but LG has stated that T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T all plan to sell the LG V10 smartphone. When and for how much will be announced by the carriers themselves at a later date. If you haven’t seen either of the launch videos yet, as stated you can view them below for a set of highlights on key specific features of each device.