Check Out The Android Easter Eggs Song By Nat and Lo

Android Easter Eggs

Google has always been fond of Easter Eggs, you know, those things that you might not notice at first but after entering some sort of command, either a picture, video or an interactive animation pops onto the screen. Google Search from a browser can show some of them by entering certain terms, for instance, it might look as it did back on 1998, show interactive elements or animate the whole page according to a related term. A very popular one was the Pac-Man game which Google displayed on their homepage back in 2010 and speaking of that game, it could be found this year in Google Maps as well, and there are some more Easter Eggs related to specific places. In the Android operating system, Easter Eggs have been present since version 2.3 Gingerbread.

Nat and Lo work at Google, and they started a project in which they would show people other projects that Google has been working on. Nat and Lo were the ones who had access to the Marshmallow Android lawn sculpture, revealing the name of the latest version of the OS and they recently made a video of the history of the Easter Eggs hidden within Android. They show Jack Larson’s “zombie” Gingerbread, the simplistic blue Android mascot as a bee, that was used in Honeycomb, the Nyan Cat-inspired Android mascot dressed with an Ice Cream Sandwich, the Jelly Beans which can be tossed around the screen, the interactive mosaic in KitKat and the super hard version of Flappy Bird which was featured in Lollipop.

Now that Marshmallow is here, we finally got to know what the Easter Egg included in this version is. It is a little game, still based on Flappy Bird, but this time it can be played with multiple players. And now, Nat and Lo have made a very colorful video with a catchy song so that those who weren’t up to date on all these Easter Eggs could learn a little bit about the reason for their existence and how to access them. There is supposed to be a total of 7 Easter Eggs displayed, although, the song invites users to explore their devices in order to find more Easter Eggs. You can check out the video for yourself below.