Certain Nexus 5X Cases Seem To Be Blocking The Microphone

There is no doubting that the two latest Nexus devices, the Huawei Nexus 6P and the LG nexus 5X are two of the hottest devices around at the moment. In fact, of the two, the Nexus 6P is very much the one in demand and certainly the most popular of the two, which is something that was not the case before the two devices were announced. Back then, the Nexus 5X was the device everyone was talking about. One of the reasons that the Nexus 6P as seen a massive surge in its popularity since the announcement, is that it is the more premium of the two. This is, the more premium spec device and the more premium built device. In contrast, the Nexus 5X is one which is now starting to be seen as a sort of 'cheaper' Nexus device. Well, since the announcement both are starting to reach consumers hands and with their arrival, reports are starting to come through on various issues with the Nexus 5X.

The first of which emerged earlier today when those who had received their Nexus 5X starting reporting that there seems to be a hue issue with some of them. In short, they have a yellow tinge to their screen. Now, other reports are staring to come through from various 5X owners detailing that there is a problem with some 5X cases. In particular, certain cases seem to be blocking the microphone port on the device. As this is essentially the microphone which is used for call-making, this is going to be quit a significant issue for those who are affected. Since the first report popped up earlier on reddit, others have started noted the same issue with other cases. As a result, this does not seem to be a case-specific issue.

In fairness though, this is not just a 5X issue as a similar issue arose for the Nexus 6P when reports emerged a few weeks ago noting that the laser autofocus was being blocked by some 6P cases. This was thought to be a result of cases which were purchased based on the design before the official dimensions were known and this seems likely to be the same issue affecting the Nexus 5x cases. Either way, if you have a 5X and are experiencing call problems, then if you have a case, it might be worth checking if it is blocking your microphone.

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