AT&T's LG G4 Receives Large Performance Update

LG G4 AH 33

The LG G4 is one of the most powerful devices, it is one of the few flagships that includes a microSD card slot and a removable battery, plus its main camera is among the best currently on offer. The device is getting surely getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as it was hinted on their official support site and it was spotted on the list of T-Mobile phones that will be updated. Still, it is too soon to be talking about such update as it was only released last week by Google. In the meantime though, the AT&T version of the LG G4 (H810) is getting an update to enhance its performance, even if it’s based on Android 5.1.

The update will be released over-the-air (OTA) using a Wi-Fi connection as it is rather large at 420 MB. As for the changes, it brings a wealth of enhancements to aspects like the calendar, battery, keyboard, camera, GPS as well as LG Backup and Exchange Active Sync enhancements. Not to mention improvements to touch and security too. Even though the settings and user data should remain intact after the update, it’s recommended to do a backup on the phone or on the PC before the updating process begins. The update is being rolled out in stages, so not all of the devices will get it at the same time.

Users might get prompted to a notification message that reads: “A new software update from AT&T is available for your device. This software update will take several minutes and will not delete any personal data on your device. All phone services (including emergency calls) will be suspended during the install”. If they tap Continue, the update process will begin. Otherwise, they might check for the update manually on Software Updates found in the About Phone section under the General tab in the Settings menu. After the update, users can verify that it installed correctly by checking the version in the Software Info section that can be found on About Phone and the build number should read LMY47D. The update doesn’t provide any major visual changes, but it improves the performance on some key areas, which should make the experience much better.