Android Powered ORA-X Could Be The World’s Smartest Headphones

October 20, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

When talking about wearable devices, chances are that people will imagine a smartwatch or a smartband meant to track movements or other fitness-related measurements. Now, an Indiegogo campaign wants to create the world’s “Smartest Headphones” which come running on Android. You might be thinking what would a pair of headphones would do with an operating system? But the ORA-X is more than just a pair of headphones as they integrate a transparent screen to display videos and additional information for an augmented reality experience. This is similar to what Google Glass offers, but this is combined with high-quality audio, potentially providing a better experience. ORA-X users will be able to download apps from the Play Store and even some Play Games.

To control the visual elements, users can use the touchpad on the side of the headphones or use voice commands to control the music player, launch apps or take photos or video with the integrated 5-megapixel camera. The transparency of the display shows content which blends with the surrounding elements instead of isolating its users. The transparent display is retractable, so the headphones may be used just for listening to music. Since the arm that integrates the display rotates 180°, it can be used with the left or right eye.

The company has been developing some apps specifically for this headset such as the Music app, videos can be played from the local storage, streamed from a smartphone or streamed directly using a Wi-Fi connection. Games can be controlled using the touchpad and the 9-axis position sensor. A DJ app lets users interact with their audience, mix music and share it right from the headphones. The Fitness app shows information on the display from a fitness tracking using a Bluetooth connection and users could listen to their music simultaneously. Users can capture some photos or video and share them instantly on the Social Media apps. Also, users will get notifications on the display and they could reply with a quick message or dictate the response.

The ORA-X will cost $600 when it launches, but right now they can be bought for $349 plus shipping cost. The Luxe edition features a blue, white and silver color scheme and a docking station is included. These will cost $700, but now they are being offered for $549. The company is somewhat behind their $150,000 goal, so if you want to support this project and know more details about the headphones visit the link at the source. In the meantime, check out some of the pictures and a promotional video for the ORA-X below.