Android Marketshare Sees Slight Decline From May To August

Earlier today Google gave us a glimpse at the latest Android software adoption figures with the most recent distribution numbers, which shows Lollipop on the rise and now up to about 23.5 percent all Android smartphones. Looking at Android user numbers from a different perspective, the latest ComScore reports details just how much marketshare Android has as a whole compared to other competitor offerings like iOS, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Nokia's Symbian OS which is surprisingly still being used by some individuals. Android according to this report is still sitting atop the hill grabbing a share of 51.7 percent of smartphone users, while Apple's iOS takes 44.1 percent, leaving Microsoft with 2.9 percent, BlackBerry with 1.2 percent, and Nokia's Symbian trailing in last with 0.1 percent. These figures are based on U.S. users only on a three month rolling average which ended in August of this year, and are compared to the three month rolling average which was recorded as ending in May of this year.

Looking at the smartphone OEMs instead of the platform paints a very different picture, with Apple now the leading smartphone OEM grabbing a total of 44.1 percent of all smartphones, while Samsung comes in second at 27.4 percent. Samsung is followed up by LG in third place with 9.1 percent of smartphone marketshare, while Motorola has 4.7 percent in fourth place, and HTC takes fifth place with 3.4 percent. These are only based on U.S. numbers as well, and are recorded on the same three-month rolling average as the platform marketshare numbers.

Comparing these figures from the last ComScore report which ended as a three month rolling average in June, we can see a slight increase in Android platform marketshare numbers coming up to the 51.7 percent listed in today's report from the previous 51.6 percent in June. When comparing these to the report that ended in May of this year, Android marketshare has actually declined from 52.7 percent, while Apple's iOS increased to 44.1 percent. In regards to smartphones OEM's from today's report, Apple and LG both gained users as Apple saw a 0.6 percent increase, while LG saw a slightly larger 0.9 percent increase. Samsung, Motorola, and HTC all saw a decline in smartphone user numbers.

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