The Android Development Boot Camp Designed by Google

An Android developer boot camp was announced yesterday after collaboration between Google and General Assembly, a computer programming school. Mobile software developers are in high demand and this 12-week course is intended to help drum up interest in the position and expand the developer community behind Android.

The program will teach those participating the most important aspects of developing for the Android ecosystem. The mobile platform has continuously been growing larger every year, and an increase in the number of Android smartphones used around the world demands an increase in the number of developers. If you're interested in becoming a mobile programmer in the future, it should be a welcome surprise to see the outlook for the position is very promising. Over the last five years, the number of mobile developers needed in the industry has increased by 150%.

What makes this course particularly effective is Google's involvement. Jake Schwarts, co-founder and CEO of General Assembly, has said that this marks the first time the search giant was directly involved in formulating a training experience. This qualification is important because Google knows first-hand what tech companies like itself will be looking for in mobile software engineers. "Universities typically don't train students the same way, and with the same timeline, as we do," said Schwarts, highlighting the unique aspect of General Assembly's offerings. The tech industry is rapidly changing, which means companies will be looking for their engineers to be adept in changing fields.

The cost of the course won't be a small sum, but Google is looking to sweeten the deal by promising students the opportunity to quickly access potential jobs in the industry soon after graduating. VICE Media is taking students for the role of apprentices as soon as the developing course is completed. Karma, a data company, is also looking to hire programmers who graduate from Google's course. Since the class is only 12 weeks in length, students who had previously not had a strong connection to the software field can be quickly taught the fundamentals and sent on their way as an official hire soon after.

The course will cost students a $13,500 tuition fee and will begin soon next year. Those interested in the program can turn in applications today.

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