Android Dev Summit Coming Soon

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Annually, Google hosts the famous Google I/O with keynote speakers, conferences, reveals, giveaways and more fun for all the most hardcore of hardcore Google nerds who manage to secure a ticket. This year, along with Google I/O, they’re putting on a more focused affair in the form of the Android Dev Summit. The web page calls it inaugural, so it can only be assumed that this will be happening every year from now on if it goes without a hitch this year.

This two-day conference will bring together the greatest minds in Android development, along with the actual in-house team responsible for the creation of the OS, to go over the underlying tech, brainstorm ideas, teach development in deep technical sessions and network with Google’s best and brightest. The summit will be held at the Computer History Museum in Google’s hometown of Mountain View, California. presumably,

The event takes places on November 23 and 24, with registration opening up this Wednesday, October 6. You can sign up right now at the source link to let them know you’re interested, which nets you a notification as soon as registration is open. Given how popular Google’s events always are, this could mean the difference between spending two days in Mountain View or staying home, especially since famous faces such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai are expected to attend.

Since this is 2015 and all, the event will also be live-streamed for those who have other business, can’t afford the plane ticket or are otherwise unable to attend. Even if you can’t watch the live stream, the highlights are sure to wind up somewhere on the web. Such is the case every single year with Google I/O’s many presentations, keynote speakers and tech sessions.

Since the prestigious Google I/O goes into such incredible detail about each reveal and Google’s existing product portfolio, one can only assume that this event will be much more in-depth and focused, as well as having more specific networking opportunities. As we draw closer to the event and details either leak or are revealed in a trickle, speculation as to what will be covered and if the event will possess any of Google I/O’s signature flair is sure to run wild. If the event is in typical Google fashion, it will likely be more than worth it for anybody with even a passing interest in Android development. If you happen to be one of those people, be sure to hit the source link and register for a notification.