Android App Updates – Oct. 9th, 2015: Lightroom, Facebook & More


Lightroom for Android gets updated

This week, Adobe had quite a few announcements. One was for Lightroom on the Android side. They updated their Lightroom app to feature better color control as well as adding in a few new cropping features. Adobe also made it easier to find your photos inside the app, and makes your camera roll load up faster. The mobile app also now supports TIFF files.

Facebook gets faster on slower networks

AH Facebook Ads Manager-2


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has said that he wants to see everyone on Facebook, and get as many people using it as possible. That includes people in developing countries where there may not be 4G LTE, heck there may not even be 3G connections. So Facebook has optimized their home feed to load even faster on these slower networks, like 2G speeds, in the latest update.

Telegram Updated to bring Marshmallow Support


Telegram has quietly been taking over as one of the most popular messaging platforms, and this week it got a nice update. Telegram hit v3.2.3 this week which brought Marshmallow support as well as a few other nifty features. Now on Tap is here as well as using the fingerprint sensor for your passcode. Nice to see more apps supporting the fingerprint sensor.


Sonos Latest update brings Spotify Integration


Spotify seems to be integrating with everyone in the past few weeks. First the Chromecast and now Sonos. With version 5.5, Sonos now has Spotify Radio integration, so you can easily play Spotify Radio on your Sonos speakers at home, the office, or wherever you might be. Pretty darn handy.

Vine intros new Recommendations



One of Twitter's other properties, Vine, this week announced a new recommendation feature. So now the app will recommend Vine's or videos to you based on what you are watching. Hoping that you'll find more Vine's that you like and will spend more time in the app, sounds plausible, right?

Medium adds a new Logo and a Floating Action Button


One of the more popular blogging platforms as of late, Medium, has recently updated their Android App. Bringing it to version 2.0, it brings in the company's new logo. It also adds in a floating action button (or FAB). There is also a slew of other features in this update for version 2.0, which you can check out in the Play Store.