Amazon Patent Reveals Augmented Glasses

A new patent was discovered from Amazon that shows the company is interested in moving into the smart glasses game with their own augmented reality style glasses. This new patent reveals that the glasses will be able to act similarly to Microsoft's own HoloLens but without having to toss all the technology right onto the glasses itself. Instead, Amazon has plans to develop glasses that will take the content from devices like a tablet and showcase a transparent display right within the glasses which means there's an endless amount of possibilities on how consumers could potential interact with these glasses if they ever release within the market.

As mentioned, Amazon has filed for a patent towards their own production of smart glasses that will work similarly to Microsoft's HoloLens. For those unaware of what Microsoft HoloLens are, Microsoft revealed their reality glasses that allow consumers the ability to interact with augmented reality virtually anywhere. While we know for certain that Microsoft will be releasing the HoloLens and have showcased various demos of the product, it appears Amazon is early on with their production with no word as to if we'll see this product released.

According to the patent for the unnamed Amazon augmented smart glasses, the company is designing the glasses to interact with other devices such as tablets and smartphones. Apparently the glasses will be able to connect wired or wirelessly to a device and from there it can display content transparently right through these glasses. Unfortunately, the patent does not provide any specifications on the augmented smart glasses nor has Amazon released an official public statement on the matter which could provide further details.

It is curious though, just how well this device will work and being that the glasses depend on other devices to fully function as intended, it will be interesting to see how much they'll fetch compared to other augmented reality headsets and smart glasses. For now, it can only be speculated on what will be the different functions consumers can enjoy and just how developers will interact with the device. In meantime, take a look at some of the patent images for the device down below.

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