AH Weekly Poll: Are You More Excited For The Verizon Or OnePlus Event?

While HTC recently held their event earlier this week to show off the brand new HTC One A9 device, next week is shaping up to be just as busy as OnePlus gears up to unveil their second smartphone of the year, thought to be called the OnePlus X, while Verizon and Motorola are to hold an event where they're expected to show off the DROID Turbo 2 and the DROID Maxx 2. Both events should be exciting especially if you're really into new technology and new devices regardless of brand, but the question is, which event are you more excited for?

If you're a OnePlus fan and have enjoyed everything they've offered thus far in terms of their first and second devices, chances are you're eager to see what they have to show off next week. Perhaps Motorola's offerings are more your style though, and you're really interested in the DROID Turbo 2? The OnePlus X is bound to be a little bit of a smaller device compared to the OnePlus 2, both in size and in price, but it's also expected to sport some specifications that are scaled down just a bit from the OnePlus 2. The DROID Turbo 2, on the other hand, is bound to be a virtual powerhouse for Motorola and Verizon Wireless offering what will likely be a QHD screen like on last year's model, an excellent camera, and it's possible there could be multiple options for the style like with last year's model. There are only a few more days before things kick off and the world gets to see what's in store from these companies. So, are you more excited for the Verizon event, or the OnePlus event?

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