AH Primetime: Get To Know The Details Of Google's Nexus Protect Plan

Along with two smartphones, a tablet convertible, new Chromecast technology and an update to Android, Google also announced Nexus Protect, an extended warranty and insurance product designed to go alongside the two Nexus smartphones. Nexus Protect is designed to ease the sense of loss when your shiny Nexus 'phone decides to stop working, either through a mechanical defect or physical damage. Nexus Protect will initially only be available in the United States of America and costs $69 for the Nexus 5X and $89 for the Nexus 6P. It provides customers with an additional year of warranty and two years of insurance, although there is a fee of $79 to pay for every claim and you are only allowed two in the two-year period. However, the insurance provides you with "as soon as" next day pre-paid shipping service. If you were to drop your Nexus 6P on a Wednesday, the promise is that Google's partner could have a device with you on Thursday. Yes; that's right in that Nexus Protect isn't being handled directly by Google but instead is being handled by Assurant Solutions.

As I have already alluded, Nexus Protect is only going to be available in the North American market at first but Google have plans to introduce Nexus Protect around the world. It may be offered elsewhere around the world in due course. The product is also only available if you buy the device direct from Google but in effect, for your $69 or $89 payment, you have another years warranty on non-fault problems with the device, plus two years insurance if you drop the device or subject it to liquid damage. Because claims are handled by Google's partner, you'll need to let them know by filing a claim at mynexusprotect.com or over the 'phone at 877-406-4372. Naturally enough, Nexus Protect is carrier agnostic - in other words, it doesn't matter what carrier you use with your Nexus device, it is still covered with Nexus Protect. At launch, the product is only available from the Google Play Store at the time of purchase although this may change in time.

There are a few of points to take note of if you are interested in using Nexus Protect. The first is that a replacement device may not necessarily be new. As is common in the insurance industry, replacement devices may be reconditioned devices; in Google's words it may be "new, refurbished or a recertified device of like kind and quality." This means that should you make a claim on a damaged device, and that particular model is not available at the time of filing the claim, you may receive a similar device in terms of type and quality. The second point is that Nexus Protect is transferrable to a new owner but not to a new device. This means that if after a year you decide to upgrade to a new smartphone, your existing Nexus 5X or 6P will have a year of Nexus Protect available, which is readily transferred to the new owner. This would make you device all the more attractive to a potential buyer. The third key point is that the Nexus Protect does not cover lost or stolen devices - if you lose your new Nexus, you are not covered, although you are able to cancel Nexus Protect to receive a prorated amount (although you receive a full refund in the first thirty days).

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