A Hands-On Look at the OnePlus X Cases


Ever since the original OnePlus One, the company has been promising lots of different accessories, and while the StyleSwap thing didn't quite work out with the original, the OnePlus 2 has a lot of different backs and cases to choose from. The two wood types, Rosewood and Bamboo, along with Kevlar and Black Apricot have become  fan-favorites where customization is concerned. The OnePlus X was launched earlier today and we had the chance to spend some time with the new smartphone and its accessories before today.

The same selection of styles have been brought over to the OnePlus X, and there will be two different lines for users to choose from. A premium line of cases includes the same sort of styles that the StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2 come in, but as you can't take the back off of the OnePlus X, they just fit around the device. As an added bonus, the wooden backs here are made with real wood materials, rather than the plastic used in the OnePlus 2 covers. The inside of the case features a soft lining to prevent any scratches to your OnePlus X and on the whole they look really nice. Those interested can take a better look in the gallery below.


If different materials aren't your thing, the OnePlus will also offer up TPU Silicon cases as they do for the OnePlus 2. These look and feel pretty much identical to the OnePlus 2 cases, which is to say that they're extremely grippy and offer some good protection. They're also available in a number of cool colors, allowing users to express themselves a little more. These will of course be a little cheaper than the above Premium options, but both will be available from OnePlus without the need for an invite when the phone goes on sale next month.

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