YouTube Mobile App Looks Set To Receive New Video Features


It probably goes without saying that YouTube is one of the most popular apps out there. As well as being one of them that comes preinstalled on Android devices, it is also one which is used by a seriously large number of users each day. As such, you can imagine that this is one of the apps which receives frequent updates and a ton of new features. Well, on that note, reports are now coming in that there seems to be a couple of new features en route to the YouTube mobile app.

In terms of the changes, it would seem that they mostly related to how you interact with the app and more specifically, how you engage and interact with video content. For instance, one of the changes being noted is the way in which additional content thumbnails are presented. At present, when you watch a video on YouTube, the thumbnails are located in a scrolling fashion beneath the video being watched. These thumbnails are small to make room for the title and so on. Well, it would seem that these are planing on being replaced by full width thumbnails. Ones which take up the entire width of the screen without any additional narrative. It is also being noted that these thumbnails can then be played without having to move or open the new video page. So you can essentially quickly check out a selected video and if you don't like it, swipe it away and continue scrolling down the same initial list. Handy, if you are specifically searching for a certain type of video and do not want to be sidetracked by the related content that always shows up when you move to a newer page.


Unfortunately though, there are no real details on when (or even if) this update will go public. At the moment, it is just being reported by a number of users and therefore, seems to be firmly in a testing phase for now. So it is likely to become more widely available in a future update, although, when, remains to be the question.

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