You Can Trade Stocks For Free With Robinhood

Generally when it comes to trading stocks, this isn't something you can do for free and usually end up having to pay some sort of a fee for the transaction. While there are many sites and apps which may offer low fees for stock trades, a relatively new app named Robinhood is offering up a niche that is likely to capture the attention of quite a few users. $0 transaction fees for stock trades. Not only is the app free but trading stocks is also free, so whether you want to start investing or you've been investing for a while, you can use Robinhood to do all your trades right from your device without any hassle.

Besides offering free stock trades, Robinhood also comes with an elegantly designed interface that's easily accessible and features material design style. The app makes it simple to stay on top of your stocks once you create a personalized watchlist with everything you're interested in keeping an eye on. You can view market data whenever you like and when you're ready to place a trade you're only a few taps away from completing the transaction. Market data and quotes are in real time so you know that the information on stocks that you're viewing is up to date.

One useful feature is the varying color scheme that Robinhood provides for you so that you are in the know about when markets are open and closed. When markets are open the screen will be white and when markets are closed they will be a dark gray color, similar to a night and day mode theme you might find in other apps. Although Robinhood may be a free app that doesn't mean they're skimping out on security. All data and personal information is fully encrypted with SSL so customers can feel safe about where they're storing sensitive information. You can also set up a PIN code for extra security and quick authentication access to the stocks and data you have on file with the app. If you're new to stock trading and just want to start out with something light and easy, Robinhood is probably your best option seeing as how it doesn't cost anything to get started or to make trades.

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