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When it comes to Android Wear, Google have been adding more and more to the wrist-mounted version of Android, and recently they introduced Interactive Watch Faces. These have been around for a little while now, but they basically offer a little extra functionality inside of your watch face, which bizarrely makes certain cards a little redundant. These new watch faces look great on new devices like the excellent Huawei Watch. Either way, there are great examples out there of some excellent Interactive Watch Faces but here are three choices to get you started.

Weather Timeline

WW Interactive Faces AH 04

This has been around for some time now, and the original app was one of the first out there to show us just how good-looking apps can be when Material Design is used to a high standard. Since then, the app has gotten better, and there's now an included watch face, which is interactive. It doesn't offer too much in the way of exciting features or anything, but this is great for those want a little something more out of their watch. With a simple, Material analog watch face, tapping on this brings some interesting weather stats there and then on your watch, without the need to open an app or flick up for a card. This is simple, but for weather nuts out there, this is a good example of what it can do.


Bits Watch Face

WW Interactive Faces AH 01

From the developers behind the ustwo watch face comes Bits. It's a mix of different circles that you can tap to bring up quick info like text messages and missed calls. Everything here is nice and fluid and there's a variety of different styles to choose from. If you're in need of more functionality without leaving your main display on your watch then Bits is a solid choice. The multiple-circle look won't please everyone, but it's got lots of functionality, and for the majority of communication, you might not need to leave the watch face – depending on whether or not you still use SMS messaging, that is.


WW Interactive Faces AH 06


Roman Nurik's live wallpaper launched to critical acclaim some time ago now, and it's only gotten better through an extension system and more. The watch face is now interactive, with a short and simple tweak to touch it to bring the blur in or out, this is great for Muzei. You can configure it to blur all the time on your watch, so you can easily see the time, and then touch it to see a photo, piece of art or whatever clearly to bring you a little lift throughout your day.

WW Interactive Faces AH 07

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