Way Of Droid Is Clean, Addictive Arcade Fun

In today's modern society the world of games has an overwhelming collection of games with complex stories and top notch visuals, voice acting, and audio. These games can be great fun, but once in a while it can be nice to have something a little more basic. This is exactly what you'd find with a game like Way of Droid. The gameplay is simple, the game itself is not as you'll quickly realize it's quite a bit more challenging than you may have expected. The controls are as simple as they can get and you can even play with one hand since movement only requires a single tap.

The idea of the game is to see how long you can keep your droid moving before you're destroyed. As you attempt to move your droid forward in the level there will be obstacles in your way and the challenge is being able to get past these and keep going. Obstacles will be anything from spinning wheel-like structures to lasers both in horizontal and vertical orientation you'll need to get by as they move up and down and side to side, causing you to try and move either through them or under them. This gets a little difficult almost immediately but once you play it a little you get the hang of things.

Visuals are made up of simple polygonal shapes but done in a way that it makes things look rather polished still. You can play the game with or without audio as there is a button right on the home screen of the game to enable or disable it, and you also have options for signing into Google Play Games although it looks like there are no achievements or leaderboards. There is also a store in which you can buy new droid colors as well as different droid types, although there are no in-app purchases so the currency needed to unlock these different droids for play only requires that you do just that: play the game. The better you do the more points and such you'll rack up, and the closer you'll get to being able to unlock new droid types. Way of Droid is great for casual fun of all ages, and it's free with no IAP's which is a great thing.

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