Vodafone UK To Release "Bond Edition" Of The Xperia Z5

bond phone z5

Sony may be criticized for using a very similar hardware design from one generation of their flagship lineup to the other. The OmniBalance design language based on symmetry from every angle was first used on the Xperia Z and now, 6 generations after the first one was introduced, Sony is still using glass on the front and back of the phones and metallic elements. Still, there are some significant improvements on the recently announced Xperia Z5 lineup like the new 23-megapixel sensor of the main camera and its fast autofocus, plus, it’s the first time Sony integrates a fingerprint scanner on their smartphones, which is located on the redesigned power button on the side of the phone.

A new James Bond film is being released on November, it’s called Spectre and Sony typically use these movies to promote some of their products as they own Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the successful franchise. The company has already made an action-packed advert to market the Xperia Z5 as a phone “Made for Bond” while highlighting the low-light capabilities of the camera and the overall design of the phone.

Now, Vodafone UK has communicated that a special edition of the Xperia Z5 for Bond fanatics will be released exclusively. There was no mention on any changes regarding the hardware, so it will probably be the black colored version of the phone with some exclusive content. It includes some official Bond themes, wallpapers and a behind the scene blog from the character Moneypenny will be able for download in the Xperia Lounge. The phone will be available for pre-order this Wednesday (September 16) and those who pre-order can win one of the 50 Aston Martin experience days with the possibility to drive some of their iconic cars. If they choose the phone with one of the £49 Red 4GB Value 4G bundles, they will be able to purchase the Sony AZ1VR Action Cam Mini for just £49, saving £200 from the retail price, so if you’re interested in the camera and the phone, even if you’re not a fan of the secret agent, it’s still a good deal. For additional terms and conditions visit Vodafone’s blog through the source link below.