Video: How-To Setup XiaoYi Ants Smart Cam

Xiaomi XiaoYi Ants Camera

Xiaomi’s latest entry into the smart connected devices market, the XiaoYi Ants Smart Cam, is an awkwardly named home security device that goes for under $30.  This little masterful creation is rather awesome and allows users to monitor their home or office with this camera 24/7 via an Internet connection and a connected app on either iOS or Android.  Like many Xiaomi products this one tries its best to be simple, but sometimes too simple can be the opposite of what makes it easy to get set up.  While it’s somewhat obvious how to connect the camera to the app if you understand Chinese, those of us in the world that don’t may have a harder time.

Never fear though, we’ve got an easy to follow visual guide here for you to help explain not only how to set up the camera but also how to reset it in case you need to reconfigure the device for whatever reason.  Check out the video below and make sure to grab the app for your smartphone first at the official XiaoYi Ants Smart Camera app site right here.  In the meantime check out our review for the other XiaoYi product, the XiaoYi Action Cam, and of course stay tuned for our full review of the XiaoYi Ants Smart Cam shortly!