Video: Hisense King Kong 2 Durability and OIS Tests

Hisense has been doing some pretty awesome things lately in the world of Android.  At IFA 2015 we got our hands on the new Magic Mirror tablet from Hisense, a bezel-less tablet that's unbelievably thin and has one incredible looking screen.  To top that off Hisense brought the King Kong 2 to the show as well, a phone that's great looking and is incredibly rugged to boot.  Check out our hands-on right here for all the specs you want to know about.  Not content with just leaving the phone on the show floor for people to experiment with, Hisense set up a few stations that show off some of the things the King Kong 2 is built to do.

You might have noticed the old phone-in-a-fish-tank picture, proving just how waterproof this phone really is, but what about the other two stations Hisense set up?  These need to be seen in motion to better understand, so we've thrown together a quick video for you of both of these stations.  The first one features an S-shaped clear plexiglass box that rotates, dropping the phone constantly on a metal or plexiglass surface.  Hisense informed me that this station was pristine looking at the beginning of the show, but over the course of a few days the box has become increasingly scuffed and dinged up while the phone has remained in great shape.

The second station features shaky hands where Hisense shows off the advanced OIS module on the King Kong 2, held up next to a similarly sized Android-powered phone without OIS.  The difference is impressive and what we would expect from OIS in the real world.  Check out the video below and see these two stations in action, and look for the King Kong 2 to hit your online stores soon.

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