Top 10 Android Smartwatches Buyers Guide: September 2015 Edition



The summer has come and gone, and now as we enter the golden quarter, new smartwatches are upon us. In fact, the majority of the biggest announcements from September's IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany were of smartwatches. We have the Huawei Watch, the new Moto 360 and of course, the long-awaited Gear S2 from Samsung. So, what effect has all of this had on our Top 10 Smartwatch list? Well, read on to find out.


10. LG G Watch

AH LG G Watch_34


The original LG G Watch seems like such an old product in some ways, but in reality it was only announced last summer. The original G Watch is no looker, at least not to the average watch wearer, but those looking for something digital or simple the G Watch gets the job done. It's pretty cheap as well right now, considering it has the same internals as the G Watch R and Huawei Watch. It might not be the best-looking smartwatch, but to try one out before splurging on a Watch Urbane or Gear S2, there are worse trial runs out there.


You can buy the LG G Watch from Amazon.

09. Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel



The original Pebble Steel might be getting on a bit as well, but it's excellent value for something that looks fairly unassuming and has some of the best battery life in this list. Since its launch, the Pebble software has come on leaps and bounds, features a simple and easy to use interface and just works. With a choice of leather or steel bands, the Pebble Steel is for those that need to look smart but don't want to worry about charging one more thing every night.

The Pebble Steel is available from Amazon here.

08. Pebble Time

Pebble TIme



When Pebble introduced the Pebble Time, it looked as if the company were resting on their laurels, but once you take a closer look, that isn't the case. Perfecting what people loved about the Pebble, the great battery life, the three buttons and of course the playful look and feel, the Pebble Time is an evolution of the original. With a color display and thoughtful voice control, the Pebble Time is a modern smartwatch. It's still not all the way there in terms of functionality, but with such easy-to-live-with battery life, there are few complaints to be made.

The Pebble Time is now available from Amazon.


07. ASUS ZenWatch 2

ZenWatch 2 IFA AH 8


Much like the original ZenWatch, the second-generation is ASUS' way of showing the world a watch does not need to be round to look good. Now available in both 45mm and 49mm models for those with varying sizes of wrists, ASUS have a great value smartwatch on their hands. Rather than chase high-end materials and a high-end look, ASUS have gone for something more understated and conservative, resulting in a lower-priced model with all the same features. Not to mention some great battery life compared to others, too. We got a change to go hands-on with the ZenWatch 2 during IFA, and it should be hitting shelves soon.


06. Sony SmartWatch 3

AH Sony Smartwatch 3-1-1


When the Sony SmartWatch 3 was first launched, it was not thought of as the best-looking smartwatch running Android Wear out there, but it's since grown on the community thanks to its sporty look, easy charging via microUSB and of course that stainless steel version. As smartwatches with square faces go, this is not a bad option, and it'll definitely get the job done. It would be nice if the display were a little brighter, but it looks good in daylight, so again there's not much complaining to be had. You can read more in our review here.


The Sony SmartWatch 3 is available from Amazon.

05. LG G Watch R



My personal watch of choice, the G Watch R is not for everyone, but those that have fond memories of the G Shock of old and chunkier watches, the G Watch R is a good-looker. It's got the performance as well as some excellent battery life. The display is nice and bright and while it might be chunky, it's not very heavy at all. Again, this sort of design is not for everyone, but those looking for something chunky will like the G Watch R and particularly the fact that it's not as pricey as the Watch Urbane. You can read our review here.

Purchase the G Watch R from Amazon.

04. LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane Luxe AH 3

Not everyone will get to spend time with the Watch Urbane Luxe as we did during IFA 2015, but the original is just as good-looking, if not with a little less gold. A timepiece that will appeal to those that need to look respectable day-to-day, or those looking for a nice watch to wear on an evening out or to special occasions. One of the few Android Wear watches that looks good no matter your age, style or day-to-day life the Watch Urbane is a great watch, period.

You can purchase the Watch Urbane from Amazon.

03. Moto 360 Second-Generation

Moto 360 Women AH-5


While the Moto 360 Sport was an interesting addition during IFA 2015, the real star was the second-gen Moto 360. Keeping the retro-classic look people loved about the original, while updating the processor and many of its features, the new version adds a smaller size for smaller wrists. Not just that, but the design grows standard wrist strap mounts for infinite customization, among other things. The flat tire is still here, and that'll either be a characterful addition, or a shortcoming depending on where you stand. The fact is however, the Android Wear watch anyone could wear from last year has only gotten better and more flexible this time around.

02. Samsung Gear S2

Gear S2 IFA AH 31


Arguably the company that gave Android smartwatches, the Gear S2 is a return to form for Samsung. During our hands-on at IFA 2015, we discovered a fully-circular watch packed with modern features, a slick UI and some of the best-looking hardware in a smartwatch to date. It now works with devices outside of Samsung's camp, but the real star is the user interface. No longer do Samsung watches feature a confusing UI, but a considered and well thought out one. Over time, the Gear S2, running Tizen, will grow a wide range of apps and become one of the best smartwatches available.

01. Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch IFA AH 14


Right away, the fact the Huawei Watch is running Android Wear makes it an instant appeal of a smartwatch. With some of the best hardware and design on a watch, the screen pops and the infinite combinations of watch face and watch strap show Huawei have learnt how to make a watch first, gadget second. Available for pre-order now, the Huawei Watch is one of the few watches that will convert those with an aversion to smartwatches, simply because it looks so damn good.