This Friday a Year's Worth of Amazon Prime Will Cost Just $67


Just recently, Amazon seems to have gotten awfully busy, releasing a whole new line of Fire tablets and a new, 4K-strong Fire TV box. Obviously, these devices have been lined up for the busiest few months of the year, and Amazon is banking on people purchasing Fire tablets in their droves, but one thing that also proves popular at this time of year is Amazon Prime. Shopping from Amazon online is nice and simple, but with Prime and its next-day shipping – where available – things are a whole lot easier and it makes getting everything in order for the Holidays that much simpler.

Original content has become a big part of Amazon's offerings and with their Prime Video service, tey've been battling it out with Netflix for subscribers' money. The problem for many however, is that Amazon asks users to pay for a year's worth of service in one lump sum, this is not what the majority of users want to do, as it suddenly seems like a big pill to swallow. That pill however, does get you Prime Video, next-day shipping, online services such as photo storage and now Prime Music, a service similar to that of Spotify and Google Play Music. Circling back to original content, and Transparent, one of Amazon's more popular original offerings won big at the Emmy's this week, and Amazon wants to celebrate. To do so so, they're offering new users a third-off of a yearly subscription to Prime, making it $67 instead of $99.


The deal will run for exactly 24 hours over the weekend, starting Friday at midnight EST and ending the next day at midnight EST. Those interested in Prime can take a look at more, including the offer that goes live on Friday, at the link below. We'll of course remind people closer to the time as well, as this is a pretty good deal for those planning on doing a lot of shopping or just looking for something else to watch on TV as the colder weather creeps in.

Amazon Prime (One Year Membership)

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