The Fancy Huawei Watch is Available in the US Today


In the above picture, one of those watches was the Android Wear watch everyone wanted this time last year. What difference a year makes, as the watch on the left is the Huawei Watch, and after a long path to market that started back in February, the smartwatch that's a timepiece first, gadget second is finally available, today. Huawei just got in touch with us to let us know that the Huawei Watch will be available starting today, September 17th, throughout the us from, Google Store, and We got to spend some hands-on time with the Huawei Watch during IFA earlier this month, and we were certainly impressed. Considering the high standard of Android Wear watches that partners like Motorola and ASUS already announced during the show already, Huawei had their work cut out for them to take the crown, but it looks like they've managed to do just that.

We've covered quite a bit about the Huawei Watch by now, such as what's on the inside, but those who have been waiting will want to know just one thing; how much will it cost me. Well, prices start at $349.99 and head on up to $499.99. Of course, this all depends on which combination of strap and finish you go for. If we use Amazon as a yardstick for example, $349.99 will get you a stainless steel watch face with a standard black leather strap. $449.99 will get you a stainless steel black watch face with matching black metal link band, and 50 bucks less than that will get you the stainless equivalent. So, it's pretty clear that these aren't going to be cheap, no matter which version of the watch you choose. With such a great-looking display and attention to detail however, there's an argument to be had that Huawei deserve every penny of those asking prices.


Different stores will probably be carrying different variants, as is so often the case, but for those looking to purchase from Amazon – perhaps to take advantage of their Prime shipping? – can take a look at the link below. In the meantime, we'll have a review up as soon as we can.

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