Telegram Update To V3.2 Replaces Broadcasts With Channels

Communication is still the feature used most by many individuals when it comes to phones, it's just changed some since mobile phones were able to do nothing but call and text. Instead of having conversation through voice with friends or family, most people opt for sending messages through apps or services, like Hangouts and Whatsapp. Telegram is another social app which focuses on communication through messaging, with speed and security being two of its biggest focuses. The app also just received an update to version 3.2 which tweaks things just a little bit, but should make things more enjoyable for those who are using the platform as their main communication tool.

If you're a Telegram user currently, you're likely already familiar with "broadcasts" which are basically like group chat rooms that would allow for up to 100 users to join and communicate at a time. The team behind Telegram has changed this up a bit and is replacing broadcasts with a feature very similar called Channels, which increases the number of people that can join from 100 up to an unlimited amount. This is a pretty substantial change as now users will be able to message a much more vast collection of people.

Channels is technically the only new feature of telegram, but channels themselves have a handful of features in their own right that are part of the app now that channels are in place, not the least of which is the ability for permanent URL's so anyone can join a channel if they wish. Alongside the permanent URLs, users within a specific channel can also forward messages to other users which could be useful if the recipient isn't part of that channel to begin with. The new view counter within channels can also show channel members how many people's eyes have seen messages posted, especially useful for anyone who has interest in knowing how many people their messages are reaching. The last bit of the update revolves around a fix for devices running on Android 2.2 even though there aren't many of those devices out there anymore. If you've never tried Telegram before, now might be a good time to check it out.

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