T-Mobile’s John Legere Mocks Verizon’s New Logo Via Twitter

September 2, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has always been a rather outspoken individual, often taking to twitter to voice his opinions about how the other rival carrier companies do business. Some may see it as playful competition with a little rousing mixed in while other may simply see it as bad decisions made in poor taste. Whatever you feel, Legere has more fuel to add to the fire with his latest stunt in cracking jokes about the nation’s number one carrier Verizon Wireless. Not without reasoning of course, as he’s specifically making fun of Verizon’s new logo. In case you missed it from earlier, Verizon Wireless has modernized their logo to give their brand a fresh new look, something which we already saw from another giant company earlier in the week: Google.

Of course, the began stirring on Twitter as one user asked Legere what he thought of Verizon’s new logo. Legere responded perhaps in the most “Legere” way possible which was to take the logo (which holds the Verizon name as well as the iconic check mark) and adding a few of his own things to it as if it were to be displayed like a checklist, stating things like “screws over customer,” “keeps all your unused data,” and “hefty fees for international roaming” among others.

With Google’s logo change, many people had some pretty strong opinions about the alteration, and Verizon’s logo change is no different. It’s just that the person who likely happens to be the most opinionated on the matter is the CEO of the U.S.’ now number three carrier. Legere’s checklist points aren’t random either, as each thing he lists off that Verizon lacks or does to their customers, are things which T-Mobile has or doesn’t do, ever conveying that T-Mobile is a carrier of the people, or rather, the Uncarrier. The list is short, although we’re positive Legere could probably keep going with it, but instead he ends it with a recap of point about screwing over customers. As the proverbial cherry on top, Legere asks people to send him more examples of what could be added to the checklist, which you can do via Twitter by responding to the original Tweet if you feel so inclined.